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We offer new all aluminum mini /compact / small pontoon boats w/ valuable  square pontoons for sale.  We deliver nationwide and will put your boat in the water and train you how to use it if you choose.  Your can order on this web site, or but all orders will be processed and handled by our exclusive seller with over 20 years experience selling boats online. All boats are assembled to order, lead time varies per model, ask sales department.


     Because we have the highest value, price to quality ratio on the market that's why.  Laker mini / small / compact Pontoon boats are lightweight all aluminum (no heavy wood decks that rot).  Spray on non skid decking (truck bed liner style) no easy to tear vinyl. The thick .090 gauge pontoons are welded with two chambers each and bolted on.  The square pontoon design allows for a much higher weight capacity per square foot than traditional round pontoons.  That means they are easier to tow, launch and fit in your garage than a traditional pontoon boat with the same weight capacity.  Also square pontoons allow for shallow draft for easy beaching and getting in the shallows where the fish are.  The flat bottom pontoons act like a set of ski's under power, which creates more lift and speed than round ones.  Our boats are lower to the water and smaller which means less wind resistance when using a trolling motor or a pedal drive. Laker mini pontoon boats are exclusively sold factory direct through no stocking dealers to keep costs low.  Also boats ship at a relatively low cost nationwide from the center of the US where they are manufactured.    Boats are built to order so you can get exactly what you want.  Order your boat online or over the phone today.



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