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Laker 712 Basic Boat

Laker 712 Basic Boat

The basic boat includes welded .090 guage square pontoons with two air chambers that are bolted on.  The aluminum frame is next followed by a extruded aluminum deck.  The thick aluminum deck is covered with truck bed liner to make boat very durable.  Then the 20" high 1.25" square rails are added to the boat. The standard trolling motor bracket also comes with it.  You can choose your color of Logo graphics that are installed on the edge of the pontoons. 

  • Boat Specifications

    Length: 13' 7"
    Width: 7'
    27"x20" Square Pontoons
    Persons Capacity: 8 or 1440lbs
    Persons Motor Gear: 1900lbs
    HP Rating: 20Hp
    Weight: 635lbs
    Inside Deck Size: 6'9"x11'9"'
    Rail Height: 20"
    Shown w/ Options 
    5 Year Limited Warranty!

Deck Color
Logo Graphics Color
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